pyscreenie v1.0

pyscreenie is a simple Python/Glade/GTK application that presents the user with a simple set of choices that will allow them to setup a schedule to take a screenshot of the main desktop. I wanted to teach myself a few new techniques with Python. First, was the ability to code up a simple app that utilized a status tray icon. Something that could run all the time, and be hidden away in the notification area. Using Glade, I found this was pretty straight forward to do. The second thing, was the proper way to "spawn" off a separate script. The main script spawns off a "while" script that monitors the time, and grabs the screenshot. This gives the app an almost daemon like quality. Both of the above lessons turned into a fun little learning experience. I will be able to use that knowledge and apply it to other future scripts/apps. If you would like to see some screenshots of what the app looks like, check out the pyscreenie page.

You can download the source or use my PPA via the Launchpad pages: