VirtualBox 3.0 and Ubuntu

With the release of VirtualBox 3.0 I was expecting to get prompted for the updates like all the past updates. However, I remembered that when it's a new number version (2.x -> 3.x) it doesn't happen automatically. So, no biggie, just needed to update like so:

sudo apt-get remove virtualbox-2.2
sudo apt-get install virtualbox-3.0

...and I was good to go. It should be noted that any Saved state Guest OSes should be shut down prior to doing this.

Unfortunately, I was hoping the old Compiz Transparency issue I blogged about a while ago was fixed....however, I guess this is more of a Compiz thing than a VirtualBox thing. That's ok though, because I found a newer method to fix this issue, so it's really no big deal now.