In-place upgrade to Jaunty Alpha

A while back I had upgraded my server from BLFS to Ubuntu Intrepid. Unfortunately, I discovered a bug in Intrepid that prevented my firewall script from functioning correctly. Well, I wasn't ready to put a beta Jaunty on my main server, so instead I grabbed an old laptop and put Jaunty on it. Thankfully, this was a good temporary fix, as Jaunty worked correctly with my firewall scripts. So I left it alone, and planned on waiting for the official release of Jaunty.

Well, the laptop had a different plan....and that was to die. To make matters worse, at 8PM last night I had a planned work-related downtime to get to. The laptop's hard drive died at 7PM. I had no other choice, but to bite the bullet and attempt an in-place upgrade on the server...keep in mind, this is my main server...running my firewall, NFS services, Samba services, SSH services, VNC services, Postfix, Dovecot, Apache, PHP, MySQL, DNS, DHCP....IT'S MY MAIN SERVER. All my PCs in my house use it to access the Internet. That, and I had my downtime starting in an hour. Owell, there was no other choice. At 7PM I kicked off:

sudo update-manager -d



It stated that it needed to download about 357 packages, and with my connection it should take about 20minutes to download all of them and get started. Great, enough time for me to make some dinner (a salad) and check back in on the server. I returned to the room and it had completed downloading everything and started the installation.



Ubuntu started asking questions if I wanted to overwrite or keep my config (Apache, MySQL...etc.) files. I told it to keep all my config files.



Ubuntu had finished and prompted for a reboot. It stated everything had upgraded, and this should be the only reboot required. Holding my breath, I clicked reboot....sat....and waited.



Ubuntu was booted into GDM and asking me to login. I did so. I was floored!!! There was my desktop, with all my terminals, which tail various log files. I instantly hopped over to my work laptop and tried to connect to my work's VPN.



Connection established and I was instantly able to begin my downtime.


Each day that passes, I fall a little deeper in love with Ubuntu. I have never, NEVER had an upgrade go that smooth. And this was an ALPHA product. You've got to be kidding me. EVERYTHING WORKED. MySQL, Apache, DNS, DHCP....EVERYTHING!!!


Congrats to you Ubuntu developers, you guys are a life saver.