Miami BugJam

Great time at the BugJam yesterday!!!

We arrived in Miami at the Brikolodge for the BugJam yesterday:


There were a few of us there, and even some new comers. Some how, I (on the right) got appointed as "The Speaker", so I gave a quick tutorial on how to Triage Bugs. I pretty much just went over my Ubuntu: BugTriaging 101 post that I wrote a while back. It was a great experience, and we even Ustreamed everything during the session.  People on IRC were chiming in, asking questions, giving appreciation for the stream and tutorial.  Thanks to everybody helping out, and watching. I had a blast!!!

The BugJam Team:
maddog, Lupine, dantalizing (sitting), reya276, stickystyle, zbrown (sitting) reya276's brother, erictee, itnet7


Later on that evening we arrived at (the worst) hotel, only to find we didn't have WiFi in the room. Not to worry though, dantalizing brought his Jaunty laptop, and I threw together my iptables firewall script which shared out his LAN line connection (no one brought a router). I even got props for getting that all setup :-) Fun, but exhausting last couple of days. Feels good to be home now. I am going to try and get some things done, before it is nite nite time.