My First UbuntuBugDay

Still doing the same thing, BugTriaging and working on some other things. There is the (first of this year) upcoming Ubuntu Bug day for the Network Manager application:

This will be a great experience, and something awesome to be a part of. I'm sure I won't get listed as a Triager or anything like that, as I'm still just starting out with all of this. However, I'll see add the tags to my signature and do my part.

I would really like to spend some more time with Python though, so I might have to back off a little on the Ubuntu bugs and set aside time for Python. itnet7 (aka Butters) emailed me about, what looks to be a good idea to get a more educational introduction into Python. I'll probably sign up for that within the next month or so.

Between all of that and working out with the Wii, I'm rather enjoying my temporary break from school.

My 5 today: #311924 (ubuntu), #309900 (pidgin), #315255 (linux), #316195 (linux), #316076 (evolution) Do 5 a day - every day!