Ubuntu - Packaging Gnote 0.7.3

I recently filed a needs-packaging bug in Ubuntu for Gnote v.0.7.3.  I have been wanting that version, as it comes with the much needed fix for persistence plugin settings (bug mentioned here)  I have been waiting patiently, but decided tonight to go ahead and file the bug request.

Well, right after filling the bug report, I decided to try and package it up myself.  I had already read up on the process a little, and used it for my Python pyconnmgr and pyscreenie applications, but this was the first attempt at a 3rd party package from scratch.  Amazingly, I had success.  It took a bit of messing around from the process I was familiar with, but in the end, I got it J)

I updated my PPA and so far everything appears to be working.  Hopefully this will find it's way into Ubuntu Universe repo soon.