Ubuntu: BugTriaging 101

Ok, so I started really getting into BugTriaging on Ubuntu. It's been fun, interesting and a great way to give back to Ubuntu and it's community, without being a developer. Below, I will post a couple of the steps I've taken, and some notes I've gathered the last couple of weeks I've been doing this. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to post away.






I was now ready to begin the boring part....reading :wink: I read over everything I could find, but paid close attention to these links:

Alright, I thought I had a good handle on things, so it was finally time to go look for some bugs to read over. It took me a while to find the "best way" to find easier bugs, so I will save you some time and just post the links I'm currently using.

  • I read these over, selected a bug that looked like I understood what was going on from the summary, clicked on it and read over the details to try and figure out which package it should belong to. At first, I stuck with what I knew and used everyday. Things like FireFox, Evolution, Pidgin....etc. Once I determined where the bug should belong, I clicked the little down arrow next to Ubuntu:[attachment=0]screenshot2.png[/attachment]...clicked on (Choose...) next to the blank Package input, and searched for the package name.



  • I then made sure to check the box for "E-mail me about changes to this bug report "


  • Once that was all done, I clicked the Save Changes button, and waited for the page to refresh with my updates.

I repeated this for the first few days, and then wanted to look for other types of bugs. Bugs that had packages associated with them, and (again) concentrate on the apps that I know and use. However, I still want to filter on Status:"New" and Importance:"Undecided" bugs. That link can be found here:

Using that new link, I pretty much followed the steps above, but just skipped changing the package, as it already had one. I concentrated on looking over the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses page, and pasting accordingly.

Here is a great list of "EasyTasks" for those starting out with BugTriaging:


Here is a way to bring up bugs for a specific package that have:

  • Not been assigned to anybody
  • Status = New
  • Importance = Undecided

Here is an example for doing the above with the Pidgin package:


Just copy and paste this URL, but replace the word pidgin with your package of choice.