Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx update

With the release of Ubuntu 10.04 I have installed the updated version on my main laptop and have also updated my in home server.  Everything is running as expected.  For the main laptop, I have my /home partition different from the main root parition, so for this device I did a full format and install.


Since I kept my homespace parition in place, I didn't really have to alter or change too many things.  I simply had to make sure my suggested PPAs where in place, and I was quickly able to get all my needed apps back up and running.  Things seem nice and stable, and much quicker to respond.  I even fired up various games from my growing list:


...all of which, including the wine-based games launched and played as expected.  I also tested my VirtualBox images, and again....everything "just worked".

Congrats to the devs over at Canonical....job well done....again!