pyscreenie 1.8 update

I just finished updating pyscreenie to v1.8. 


This update applies some fixes to the scheduler/loop functions.  I had noticed that my timing...after the scheduler had been running for a while....would get thrown out of sync, compared to what the settings were configured for.  I believe this was probably caused by me relying on the sleep function, instead of doing the smart thing, which is not only sleeping for 60 seconds, but then also checking the localtime and date against the configure settings.  So, after an hour of updating, I feel it's working as expected now.

I placed inline documentation throughout the updates, as it was starting to get a little confusing as to how I was trying to apply my logic.  However, after it was all actually was very clear and made more sense.  Well...made more sense to me any ways :bigsmile:

I have already updated the PPAs with versions for Jaunty, Karmic and Lucid, so if you already have my PPA, then you should notice this change happen soon.