pyconnmgr 2.8 update

Just completed some updates to pyconnmgr  As noted in the Changelog:

  • added some more try|exception error checking
  • added the Edit -> Hosts back (allows multiple deletions)

I tried to update the error messages a little better.  If the initial launch can't create/edit the config directory (aka ~/.pyconnmgr) as well as couldn't attach to the sqlite3 db file, it should display a more informative error message.  I also rearranged some of the code a little to make it flow a little better with these new error checks.


However, the biggest update, is I brought back the Edit -> Hosts functionality, which allows you to bring up a listing of all the configured hosts in an easy to edit list.  You can then go through this list, and mass delete any of the old hosts you no longer need.  The dialog looks like this:


So, check out the update, and let me know if anything is messed up.  There are a few other updates and adjustments I need to get done, but it's getting late so I'll have to finish those up some other time.