DOSBox and dos games


DOSBox: is a virtual DOS application, that allows you to run almost any old DOS game you can think of. It is by far the easiest thing to setup and get working. It's even scriptable, and allows for ease of use. I've already created some scripts that automatically launch, play and then exit for Redneck Rampage and Duke Nukem 3D Cool I'll describe how I got it working, and use Duke Nukem as an example



First go and get DOSBox from the link above, and install it using the normal: 

sudo apt-get install dosbox

Next, mount your Duke Nukem 3D CD or loop mount the ISO to /media/cdrom

Now, make a directory somewhere in your homespace where you want to install Duke:

mkdir -p ~/Games/DukeNukem3D

Then fire up dosbox and tell it to use that newly created directory as the "c:\" drive, and give it enough "freespace" to allow for the game to install. About 250MB should be more than enough for most DOS games:

dosbox -c "mount c ~/Games/DukeNukem3D -freesize 250" -c "c:" -c "mount d /media/cdrom" you can see, each of the "-c" parameters are just the different commands to auto-run when dosbox is launched. This should get everything ready for you to just cd into the "D:\" drive and kick off the install

Once I had the game installed, I wrote this little shell script that I use to launch and exit the game when I'm done. I pointed my Gnome launcher to this shell script, and slapped an icon on it and I was good to go:





After that, I just click on my Applications -> Games -> Duke Nukem 3D and I'm off and playing Cool



It's pretty much that simple. You might find better ways or different ways to do things, but for the most part the above should get you going. Feel free to post back any suggestions or comments.