Compiz Causing Transparency In Applications

Ever launch an application, game or whatever....and the resulting application is all transparent and almost un-viewable. Well, it's more than likely just having a problem with compiz, Xgl, or whatever. Try this command in your launcher script before launching the app, and things should look as expected:


If the above fixed your application, it's probably a compiz transparency issue with the application.  To make a "permanent" fix, do the fllowing:

1. Open up ccsm (if you don't have it install it using "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager")

2. Go to "Window Rules" (and make sure it's enabled)

3. In the "No ARGB Visuals" box put the following without quotes "class=VirtualBox"

4. Hit back, close ccsm, and open up VirtualBox.


For my VirtualBox images, this solution still applies, with just a minor alteration.

1.) Create a file called ~/bin/ (or whatever)

2.) Place this in the file:


VBoxManage startvm "WinXP"

3.) Right-click the file, go to Permissions and make the file Executable

4.) Create a launcher to point to this file

VBox images now launch correctly.