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Realistic racing game 'DRAG' coming to Linux next month, built on Linux and it looks astonishing

LXer - 25 min 40 sec ago
I've been in contact with one of the people behind DRAG, a fantastic looking racing game which will come to Linux next month. The fun fact is that the game engine is custom built under Linux too.

CHina's Smartphone Maker OnePlus Says Up To 40,000 Customers Were Affected by Credit Card Security Breach

Slashdot - 29 min 45 sec ago
sqorbit writes: OnePlus, a manufacturer of an inexpensive smartphone meant to compete with the iPhone, states that data from 40,000 customers credit card information was stolen while purchasing phones from its website. Even as the company has just confirmed the breach, it says the the script stealing information had been running since November. It is not clear whether this was a remote attack or the attack happened from within the company. Credit purchases on the OnePlus site have been suspended and will remain that way while an investigation takes place. [...] Earlier this week, OnePlus had temporarily shut down credit card payments on its website following reports that customers' payment details were stolen after they bought goods through its online store. The company says it's disabling credit card payments "as a precaution," but will still be accepting purchases through PayPal. The investigation began after a poll posted by users on OnePlus' forums found that many customers had experienced the same problem.

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Mattis: US national security focus no longer terrorism

WorldNews - 34 min 52 sec ago
The defence secretary says competition between great powers is now the primary focus.

US shutdown: Senate bill on verge of collapse amid rancour

WorldNews - 43 min 43 sec ago
The Senate lacks the votes needed to avert a federal closure that may carry huge political fallout.

Kenya investigates 'sex attacks' on new mothers at hospital

WorldNews - 51 min 14 sec ago
Nairobi's Kenyatta National Hospital decries "untrue" claims and says no incidents have been reported.

Czech PM Andrej Babis stripped of immunity amid fraud claims

WorldNews - 56 min 3 sec ago
Accused of fraud over EU subsidies, Andrej Babis says the case against him is politically motivated.

Instant Messaging Company Snap Threatens Jail Time for Leakers

Slashdot - 1 hour 3 min ago
An anonymous reader shares a report: Snap has a simple message to its employees: leak information and you could be sued or even jailed. The chief lawyer and general counsel of Snapchat's parent company, Michael O'Sullivan, sent a threatening memo to all employees last week just before The Daily Beast published an explosive story with confidential user metrics about how certain Snapchat features are used. "We have a zero-tolerance policy for those who leak Snap Inc. confidential information," O'Sullivan said in the memo, a copy of which was obtained by Cheddar. "This applies to outright leaks and any informal 'off the record' conversations with reporters, as well as any confidential information you let slip to people who are not authorized to know that information."

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Amazon Prime Subscription Increases to $12.99 a Month - PCMag

GoogleNews - 1 hour 7 min ago


Amazon Prime Subscription Increases to $12.99 a Month
Amazon Prime is getting more expensive for monthly subscribers. Amazon today raised the price of Prime from $10.99 a month to $12.99. The price of a yearly subscription is still $99, so no change there. Meanwhile, Prime Student now costs $6.49 a month ...
Amazon is raising the price of its monthly Prime membership from $10.99 to $12.99The Verge
Amazon Raises Monthly Prime Cost Nearly 20 Percent to $12.99NBC Bay Area
Amazon Prime's monthly fee is going up $2; yearly to stay the sameNeowin
Windows Central -Alphr -10News -KnowTechie
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Google is patching a bug that slows down Wi-Fi networks connected to both Android and Chromecast devices - The Verge

GoogleNews - 1 hour 37 min ago

The Verge

Google is patching a bug that slows down Wi-Fi networks connected to both Android and Chromecast devices
The Verge
Google is rolling out a patch today which will fix a bug that slows down Wi-Fi networks connected to both Android and Chromecast built-in devices. According to a blog post, Google said a bug in its Cast software on Android phones may incorrectly send a ...
Google releases fix for Chromecast WiFi bugEngadget
Google fixes bug that had caused Wi-Fi disconnectionsNeowin
Google rushes out a fix for Chromecast and Home WiFi woesThe INQUIRER
Channelnomics -BBC News -The Tech Bulletin -Brinkwire (press release)
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OnePlus says up to 40000 customers were affected by credit card security breach - The Verge

GoogleNews - 1 hour 38 min ago

The Verge

OnePlus says up to 40000 customers were affected by credit card security breach
The Verge
OnePlus has announced that up to 40,000 customers were affected by the security breach that caused the company shut down credit card payments for its online store earlier this week. The information is the result of an ongoing investigation with a third ...
OnePlus says up to 40000 customers affected in credit card breachEngadget
If you bought a OnePlus 5T, your credit card info may have been stolenPCWorld
OnePlus targeted by credit card hack that went undiscovered for two months; 40000 potentially affectedAndroid Police
CNET -ZDNet -9to5Google -PhoneDog
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Deadline scheduler part 2 — details and usage

Linux Weekly News - 1 hour 39 min ago
Linux’s deadline scheduler is a global early deadline first scheduler for sporadic tasks with constrained deadlines. These terms were defined in the first part of this series. In this installment, the details of the Linux deadline scheduler and how it can be used will be examined.

Amazon is Raising the Price of Prime Monthly Memberships by Nearly 20 Percent

Slashdot - 1 hour 42 min ago
Amazon is boosting the price of its monthly Prime membership fees for new and existing members by nearly 20%. The online retailer said Friday its annual membership fee of $99 will not change. From a report: The increase comes less than two years after Amazon first introduced the monthly payment option as a way to attract new Prime members who either couldn't afford the annual membership of $99, which is not increasing, or didn't want to commit to using the service continuously. Prime is the engine at the center of the Amazon commerce machine -- Prime members buy from Amazon more frequently than non-Prime members and also spend more, hence why Amazon introduced the monthly option to lure new members. So if the company is raising the fee, you can bet that it discovered the current $10.99 was just not sustainable.

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Two great uses for the cp command: Bash shortcuts

LXer - 1 hour 51 min ago
Last July, I wrote about two great uses for the cp command: making a backup of a file, and synchronizing a secondary copy of a folder.Having discovered these great utilities, I find that they are more verbose than necessary, so I created shortcuts to them in my Bash shell startup script. I thought I’d share these shortcuts in case they are useful to others or could offer inspiration to Bash users who haven’t quite taken on aliases or shell functions.read more

The 5 Best Linux Distributions for Development

Linux.com - 2 hours 7 min ago
Title: The 5 Best Linux Distributions for Development19 JanLearn more

Crocodile found in weapons raid

WorldNews - 2 hours 17 min ago
St Petersburg police found arms stockpiled in a house - along with a crocodile.

Google Moves To Debian For In-house Linux Desktop

Slashdot - 2 hours 21 min ago
Google has officially confirmed the company is shifting its in-house Linux desktop from the Ubuntu-based Goobuntu to a new Linux distro, the DebianTesting-based gLinux. From a report: Margarita Manterola, a Google Engineer, quietly announced Google would move from Ubuntu to Debian-testing for its desktop Linux at DebConf17 in a lightning talk. Manterola explained that Google was moving to gLinux, a rolling release based on Debian Testing. This move isn't as surprising as it first looks. Ubuntu is based on Debian. In addition, Google has long been a strong Debian supporter. In 2017, Debian credited Google for making [sic] "possible our annual conference, and directly supports the progress of Debian and Free Software." Debian Testing is the beta for the next stable version of Debian. With gLinux, that means it's based on the Debian 10 "Buster" test operating system. Google takes each Debian Testing package, rebuilds it, tests it, files and fixes bugs, and once those are resolved, integrates it into the gLinux release candidate. GLinux went into beta on Aug. 16, 2017.

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Security updates for Friday

Linux Weekly News - 2 hours 21 min ago
Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (bind, irssi, nrpe, perl-xml-libxml, and transmission-cli), CentOS (java-1.8.0-openjdk), Debian (awstats, libgd2, mysql-5.5, rsync, smarty3, and transmission), Fedora (keycloak-httpd-client-install and rootsh), and Red Hat (java-1.7.0-oracle and java-1.8.0-oracle).

This Week in Open Source News: Barcelona Chooses Linux, Open Source 3D Printing Majorly Cuts Costs & More

Linux.com - 2 hours 37 min ago
Title: This Week in Open Source News: Barcelona Chooses Linux, Open Source 3D Printing Majorly Cuts Costs & More 19 JanLearn more

Why Airports Rename Runways When the Magnetic Poles Move

Slashdot - 3 hours 45 sec ago
An anonymous reader shares a report: For decades, pilots heading into or out of Wichita Eisenhower National Airport in southeast Kansas have had three runways to choose from: 1L/19R, 1R/19L, and 14/32. Now, at the orders of the FAA, the airport will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to give itself a makeover. Workers will repaint those huge numbers at the ends of each runway and replace copious signage. Pilots and air traffic controllers will study new reference manuals and approach plates, all updated to reflect an airport whose three runways have been renamed. World, meet 2L/20R, 2R/20L, and 15/33 -- which happen to be the same runways that have been welcoming planes since 1954. This is not a "What's in a name?" situation. The runways may be the same sweet-smelling stretches of tarmac they've always been, but the world around them has changed. Well, the magnetic fields around the world have changed. The planet's magnetic poles -- the points that compasses recognize as north and south -- are always wandering about. That's a problem, because most runways are named for their magnetic headings. Take Wichita's 14/32. First off, because planes can land or take off from either direction, you can think of it as two runways: 14 and 32. (Pro tip: Pilots say "one-four" and "three-two," not 14 and 32.) If you're looking at a compass, one end is about 140 degrees off of north, counting clockwise. For simplicity's sake, the headings are rounded to the nearest five, and dropped to two digits. So if you're looking down at Wichita Eisenhower, runway 14/32 is the one running from the northwest to the southeast.

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Getting Started with ncurses

LXer - 3 hours 5 min ago
While graphical user interfaces are very cool, not every program needs to run witha point-and-click interface. For example, the venerable vi editor ran inplain-text terminals long before the first GUI.


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