The word Lupine is derived from (Canis) Lupus, which deals with Wolves.


From a very young age, I have always been fascinated with wolves. My favorite "scary monster" as a kid was the WolfMan, my favorite pet was my dog, pictures of wolves always decorated my walls, etc. In December of 2010, my family and I got to take a trip to West Yellowstone, and there we visited the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery, where I actually got to see a pack a wolves close up: http://westyellowstonewebcams.com/WYWCGrizzlyWolfDiscoveryCenterWolves.php
I picked this word, originally, as my nick in IRC channels. I later used it for gaming (Duke Nukem, Doom, UT, World Of Padman). Eventually it became my website URL, however just "Lupine" was already taken, so I had to put "The" in front of it.



This is my personal site used for blogging, keeping track of my movies and beer, working on my various projects and aggregating my various rss feeds.  I am currently a Systems Engineer for a Health Care organization, but I am looking to branch out into a more developer type role for a Linux and Open Source Software company.  I have worked with proprietary systems for over the past 10 years, and I really feel it's time for a change.  I brought www.thelupine.com online years ago as a way for me to document various things I deal with day in and day out.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.